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Axel Petterson Challenge

re you a historical fencer? Come join in the Inagural Axel Petterson challenge. Sponsored by Axel himself and St Mark's, this will be an epic test of your Historical Fencing ability.

Saturday 10th will be a morning longsword tournament, and an afternoon sidesword tournament. 

Sunday 11th will be the Axel Petterson challenge itself. Each bout will be threefold - first with Longswords, second with Sword and Buckler, and third with Rapier and Dagger. (Rapier may be fought with rapier alone, and the off hand will be considered a mail gauntlet and proof against thrusts). So if you want serious bragging rights of who is the better historical fencer, this is it! In an addition to the overall winner of the challenge (based on points and wins), there will also be a special Laurel award for best technical fencer, based on both the judges and their peers.

Monday will be a morning of workshops, and an afternoon of grading tests. If you wish to take the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild Longsword test, that will be available.

This event should be part of the Australian Historical Fencing League table, and results will be uploaded to HEMA ratings.

Because of the specific sword requirements for sidesword (blades under 95cm, must possess a cutting heft, straight swords only), loaner swords will be available for a small cost. Loaner swords may also be available for other tournaments.

Rules and registration coming soon.

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