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  • South St & Lytton Road, Lytton QLD 4178 (map)

Welcome to everyone, 
this is an important date for HERA club, is the first EVENT organised, and we wanted make it GREAT !.

HERA 1st EVENT is a Tier 2 valid for AHFL !


The Event include two full days of competitions and workshops, based primarly on RAPIER and LONGSWORD.
Each day will be on a tournament and the respective workshops, in order to understand and be focused the full day on the Rapier and Longsword .
We also have a special guest, TON PUEY that will stay with us and will be on tour organised by HERA and THE SCHOOL OF HISTORICAL FENCING.

WORKSHOPS instructors

Just a short Introduction, soon the BIO.

Ton Puey ( Destreza )
Jerry Gullotti Cordaro ( The evolution of fencing 1600/ Present )
Christopher Godwin ( Parise Spada )
and more to discover ...

**The full program will be posted durign the course of the week.**

The full event has a cost of $140.00 including both days of competitions and workshops. 

SUPER OFFER VALID from : 23/05 to 31/05


RAPIER OPEN 25/08/2018

Both tournaments will be run on pools, each pool will be Randomly choose the Friday 24th at the PRE-EVENT dinner. After the end of each pool the Tournament will continue with straight up elimination.

The 1st Place of both tournament will receive a Voucher of $ 350.00.

All the regulations approved by the Italian Historical Fencing Federation will be discolsed soon in the appropriate section.

This will be an Unique EVENT, full of good NEWS and good intentions for the future. So... Save the date and ENROLL HERE:


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