Australian Historical Fencing League

The Pinnacle of Australian HEMA

The Australian Historical Fencing League is a platform which unites the nation’s major tournaments and events. For members of the Australian Historical Fencing community, the League provides access to a circuit of major national tournaments. In order to further populate the vastness of a national circuit, smaller state-wide tournaments have been incorporated into the League as ‘Second-Tier Events’.

The League provides a ranking system which evaluates the performance of individual fencers and their HEMA/WMA Clubs. The League actively promotes the diversity in rule sets to which the Australian Historical Fencing community has always known. The League will protect the autonomy of events and clubs as they work to deliver unique and personalised events for the community’s benefit.      

Queensland Representative: Christopher Godwin
New South Wales Representative: Toby Lunn
Victorian Representative: Daniel Pope
South Australian Representative: James Spottiswoode
West Australian Representative : Jim Campbell

League Director: Alexander Roberson


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